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Aug. 28th, 2007


The eclipse was amazing!!! 

I'm sorry I did not get any footage of it.  It was so early.  I barely remembered to wear shoes.  Higgs just got an email from Patricia and she said Peeps shot some beautiful footage in Lubec.  Yes, that's right, Peeps arrived back in Maine late yesterday.  He was going to wait a couple days but decided that the time had come and he needed to get there to spend a few days with Kevin before school begins.  Peeps said he has a few things he'd like to say to everyone.  So, I'm guessing we'll be hearing from him later today or tomorrow.

Being home is wonderful.  Although, I must say that with Higgs getting us all up for the eclipse and the sunrises, none of us are getting much sleep. ;)  This summer was an amazing adventure for me, but I must say I can't wait for my life to get back to a "normal" routine again.  

Thanks again, everyone!  We did it!  Our doomsday has passed and Mr. Alan Johnson is gone forever.

And I will be Happy forever.

Aug. 27th, 2007


I'm home.

I promise to write more tomorrow, but I wanted you guys to know I'm home with Ben.  It is amazing to look into Ben's eyes and to see him looking back at me.  I'm about to take a "disco" nap.  Higgs has us all getting up at like 2 in the morning to watch the eclipse.  He has even talked Patricia, Timothy, Mildred and Kevin into doing the same.  It should be beautiful.  Higgs says we must do it as way to say "we won".  This is the day that Mr. Johnson's Eidolon threatened that all Sammeeeees would be gone forever.  Little did he know.  Ha!  All the Sammeeeees are very well and he is now gone forever!

Hope everyone is doing okay.  

I'm still Happy!

Aug. 22nd, 2007


Peeps is with Higgs!

I spoke with Higgs last night and he told me Peeps is with him and doing okay.  Higgs did say that Peeps is not talking about Kevin and Margaret and all that.  I should be home in a few days.  Hopefully by then Peeps will have opened up to someone.  I hear poor Kevin is very upset that he can't speak with Peeps.  Patricia is doing her best to make him understand.  

I'm heading out again for a long day of driving, but I promise to check in this evening.  I can't wait to get home and see my Ben!

I'm still Happy!!!

Aug. 17th, 2007


Last night

So I'm not sure what everyone knows and doesn't know...  

I'll start with last night.  

As the sun was setting, Mildred, Timothy, Cathy (I still call her Patricia), Peeps, and I went out to the garden.  Peeps' garden has a great view of the sunset.  And it is such a wonderful place.  Beautiful and peaceful.  It was a perfect setting for us.  Timothy did most of talking in the beginning.  He spoke about Mr. Fangs email from Mr. Johnson and said to Peeps that he didn't need to fear the past anymore.  Peeps got really defensive and said he didn't want to talk about any of this.  Mildred took over and she started talking about all the unknowns in our lives and I had no idea where she was going with all of it and Peeps looked equally confused.  And I don't know what came over me but I didn't think softening the blow was necessary - I got to my feet and said, "Peeps, Kevin is your son.  You thought they killed him, but they didn't.  Patricia knew about this and hasn't been able to tell you for so many reasons, but there it is.  It is good news.  You're son is alive and it is Kevin!"  And everyone looked at me like I was high.  Cathy started crying.  Peeps was in shock.  I walked over and hugged him and said, "We should tell Kevin."  Peeps got to his feet and started toward the house... but then, he kept on walking.  He walked out the front gate and down the street.  Then Kevin came out of the house and saw Cathy crying and started asking questions and Cathy told him everything.  As soon as she told him, he just smiled and smiled and nodded his head and began to cry.  It was adorable.  We waited all night for Peeps to return.  He's still not back yet.  I feel terrible.  I guess I should have not blurted it out the way I did.  Cathy and Mildred are being great about it.  They keep saying that it isn't me.  They think Peeps may need some time to digest all of this.  I hope we hear from him soon.  

Kevin is sitting out in his father's garden right now talking with Timothy.  Kevin is so curious about what happened.  He wants to know everything about his birth Mom... and how she met Peeps.   I'm sure Timothy will do a better job with Kevin than I did with Peeps.  Someday I will learn to think before I speak like that.  It just seemed like you couldn't keep talking around it.  I was even getting confused.  Oh well, I did it.  Peeps knows and now we must wait.  I hope he comes back soon because I'm heading home tomorrow.  I would like to see him face to face to apologize for blurting it out.  If anyone else hears from him, please let me know.  And tell him to come home.  Kevin knows and he wants to see his Dad.

I'm still Happy

Aug. 15th, 2007



Peeps is out in his garden right now with Kevin (Dwin).  There is something going on that I don't know about.  Mildred and Timothy have arrived and there's been a ton of whispering and closing doors.  I had wanted to get into my car and head home today.  Ben and I had a long talk and I have decided to stay a few more days to be here for Peeps.  I'm sure Mr. Fangs meant no harm when he wrote to Peeps, but whatever he said, it seems to have unlocked some door that Peeps had closed a long time ago.  Peeps won't talk about it.  I have tried and tried.  Patricia is being a little too silent.  I think she knows something and she's not telling anyone.  I'm laying low, but staying to hold Peeps' hand as much as he'll allow.  He is such a private guy in so many ways.  If any of you Sammeeeees have the time, could you please talk to Patricia and or Timothy or Mildred even?  It is my feeling that this is something left over from Spoocheeeee.  Dear, Mithras, I hope this doesn't have anything to do with Mr. Johnson.  I'm getting used to the idea of having him off the planet forever.

I'm still Happy

Aug. 9th, 2007


Jayne again...

Nothing but good news as far as Ben is concerned.  The hospital is keeping him for another couple days and then he will be coming home to the biggest "welcome back" party! 

I stopped by Trinket's room.  Trinket's parents had just left for the day.  Trinket came out of her "fog" last night right around the same time that Ben did.  She waved me in as soon as she saw me.  I sat next to her on her bed and that sweet girl held my hand so tight and told me about Tutu being gone forever.  She cried and cried and told me that she told her parents and they rushed out and got the doctor.  The doctor gave her something to calm her down and asked her parents to leave.  Trinket collapsed in my arms and sobbed until she passed out.  I'm so worried for her.  She feels completely alone with this information, because her parents thinks she's mentally gone and making up this insane story.  It does sound insane.  Well, I didn't leave until I was sure she was sound asleep.  I promise to go back later today and spend more time with her.  Ben won't mind.  Higgs has already been over to see him and those two are like frat brothers now.  I will check in with you guys tonight.  Hope everyone else is doing okay with their return to our world.

I'm still Happy's sister


The State Police!!!

The State Police just stopped by to tell us they picked up a woman who identified herself as Cathy Kuttner and gave this address!  They said she was just walking along the side of the road as the sun came up!  It is Patricia!  Dwin is crying he's so happy!  The State Police said she's bruised and scraped up and her clothes are soaked and she appears to have spent some time in the bog near the edge of the Lubec town line... Who cares!  They said she's okay!  She's okay!  We're off to the station to pick her up!  I will write more later!
I'm still Happy!!!

Aug. 8th, 2007


It's Jayne!!!

The hospital just phoned and they said Ben is out of his catatonic state and I'm running out the door to be there for him!  I have goose bumps!  I know it was you guys!  I don't know how you did what you did, but I love you all!  Please write me with the details, I'll be home sometime later and I want to know everything!  Tell me one thing, did you make Johnson suffer?  God, I hope so!!!

I'm still Happy's sister

Aug. 6th, 2007



Hey Sammeeeees!!!

I know it is risky, but I promise not to read anything from Mr. Fangs!  I wanted to answer this question from Anonymous about what to ask from Mithras.  I wish... This is really hard.  I would like Addison to come back, but only if his family can come back with him.  I don't think Addison will ever be happy without them.  Of course, I want Higgs back and would like for him to find some happiness in life.  Oh!  I know!  Please bring Barney back to Betty!  Can Mithras do that?  Maybe he could find another body for Barney or something?  Like somebody who is about to die?  Like that movie with Warren (so handsome in "Reds" he makes me melt) Beatty... "Heaven Can Wait".   Can Mithras do something like that?  Betty misses him so much.   I know she's even considered going over to the dark side to be with him.  Oh!  Patrica Moore!  If this Eidolon killed her, can we get her back for Dwin?  What do you guys think?  

We cannot fail!!!

I'm still Happy :)

Jul. 30th, 2007


It's Jayne!!! HELP!!!

Mister Gerold told Happy about the Eidolon's threat to Ben.  Seems that Mr. Fangs delivered the threat to Mister Gerold.  Mister Gerold felt Happy should know about it.  You guys, she's seriously thinking about going over.  I'm telling her NO!!!  Please help me with this.  We cannot allow them to tempt her over to the dark side.  It is my feeling that all could be lost if we lose her to this Eidolon!!!

I'm still Happy's sister

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